New Mexico Bound

Meg and I have landed a workamp gig on a horse farm! Well, it’s actually an RV park which caters to folks that are traveling with horses. Meg went to school in Santa Fe and has been looking forward to showing me everything that makes the West beautiful for years. I can’t wait to see the stars. And Mexico. And Lizards. And the Grand Canyon. And Vegas. And hear coyotes. And see guys wearing cowboy hats without looking even slightly ridiculous. And have everything be new again…

Take a look at where we are headed: Kiva RV Park and Horse Motel.The people there seem super nice and as pleased with us as we are to be headed there.

It’s firefighter hours – 2 days (weekends) on, five days off – in exchange for full hookup. Money will have to come from freelance work, but when it does, we’ll have a great base and time to make excursions from!

We just put new tires on. I have some transmission misgivings that I hope to get squared away very soon. We’ll set sail the first week on March. Dang – that’s coming right up! Stay tuned…


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