Top 5 Reasons I Like our Windows Phone for RV Use

I suppose I should admit that I agree with comedian Louis CK’s assertion that even the lousiest cell phone is AMAZING.

But I have also come to have a hard time remembering how we survived before we could call – let alone access virtually any fact known to man – from the road.

We had an iPhone at our last job, and it was fine. Worked great, until I dropped it out of my jacket pocket and had to pay to replace it. Then I started wondering what, precisely, drove the price gap. The answer, “cool factor,” didn’t make me want one.

My mother-in-law has a brand new Samsung running Android and I find it annoying. Maybe I’d get along with it better if I got to know it, but things that seem like they ought to be intuitive seem complicated and disorganized to me.

I was really, truly, deeply surprised to find that we both love our Windows phone. I’m a Mac guy who has no trouble at all explaining what’s worth paying extra for if you have any intention of doing graphic design or video editing. Windows has, in the past, brought me close to violence against a machine. And when I was hired to help globalize the marketing materials for Office 2007, which offended me by asserting that it allowed businesses to cut costs by making Marketing an inside job, I was surprised to find Microsoft’s marketing materials done in Flash, on a Mac. Yeah, I really kinda hate Microsoft.

But they make a truly amazing phone.

1. It’s cheap. If you lose it/break it, $60 will fix it. If I’m not mistaken, the Apple store quoted me $600 before I went to Craigslist…

2. It’s a pay-as-you go plan that has no contract.

3. I’ve never dropped a call.

4. Screen is nice and big.

5. Windows…on a phone…works really well. I think maybe that’s what it can handle; basic word editing, web browsing and video playback. And it handles it gracefully.

I’m really surprised at being impressed with anything Microsoft. But they seem to have the phone thing figured out.


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