What to do if you cross paths with a mountain lion

I’ve crossed paths with bears before (without bloodshed) but I have to admit that a mountain lion would be new. Ironically, it’s our cat I’d be worried about.

Camping and Boondocking on our Public Lands

mountain_lion_warning_sign2This sign (photo) appeared at the end of our driveway a couple days ago warning residents of the canyon of a new resident, a young mountain lion. For me, this was exciting news, as with all my years hiking in the wild, stalking and tracking wildlife, and attempting to spot signs of wildlife presence, spotting a mountain lion in the wild has remained elusive. My wife, Lynn, came across two lions while running in the Coronado National Forest in Southeastern Arizona barely a quarter mile from our campsite, but from the time I heard her scream until I got to her they had disappeared into the brushy hillside – and I didn’t see them (since her penetrating scream likely sent them scurrying to safety).

And it’s likely that I will not see our newest resident either. But it does bring back to mind safety measures when in lion territory, and as RVers…

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