IMG_20150827_192942_resized(2)Alan and Meg worked as husband-and-wife property managers for a company that owned a small seaside inn along with 2 yearly-leased apartment buildings, seven weekly-rental beachfront condos and a beachfront duplex. It pleased them how often guests and rentors mistook them for owners, because that’s how they treated the properties. It’s how they have always treated every job. The pay wasn’t great, but the job came with a nice beachfront condo – all utilities included. It’s easy to get used to not having an electric bill, cable bill, heating bill or rent/mortgage due every month. So when the business changed hands and their job was handed to the new owners’ niece, it was time to come up with a new place to live by the end of the month. Preferably one with no bills. And a water view. Sound impossible? It wasn’t. WP_20151022_13_27_14_Pro


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